Betty Fox Band


Betty Fox’s new release- Peace in Pieces is steeped in gospel and dripping with soul. For her 3rd release Betty Fox has pulled out all the punches. This young beauty has matured and blossomed not only as a vocalist, but as a songwriter as well. 

This record showcases her voluminous vocal range and skillfulness as a songwriter. The songs are powerful, and well written, full of passion and touching on every emotion.  The musicians on this record behind Betty are perfect in every way.  The arrangements  and production are superb. Betty Fox takes you on an emotional rollercoaster for this 3rd album, and you will love every twist and turn. Uplifting cuts like the opening track “ Green Light” as well as   “Feel so Good” and  “Rising Strong” will have you grooving and smiling from ear to ear . She’ll pour out her heart to you in cuts like “Let Go or Be Dragged” and “Shattered Dreams and Broken Toes” and take to church with the closing track ”Til the Storm Passes”. Perfectly placed in between, Betty demonstrates her versatility as an artist with the Amerciana flavored  “ Fireflies” with it’s beautiful lyrics and stripped down sound, and the sultry “Magnificent Hallucination” with vocals that are hauntingly sensual. Song for song, note for note, this recording is a giant step forward for this young, talented songbird.  I would predict a catapult into the limelight for this already beloved singer /songwriter. 

 Congratulations on an amazing release.

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